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Formatt-Hitech ProStop IRND Filters

Formatt-Hitech ProStop IRND Filters
19th October 2012 Steve Martin

Formatt-Hitech IRND Filters

Now in stock we have the groundbreaking new range of Formatt-Hitech ProStop IRND Filters.

Introducing the new ProStop IRND from Formatt-Hitech. ProStop, the world’s best selling high density ND filter, has been optimized for digital sensors and reformulated with a nearly flat attenuation of both visible spectrum light and infrared light. This means it’s the world’s most neutral ND filter, especially at higher densities where other brands suffer from colorcast.

When measured on a spectrograph, ProStop IRND’s performance is literally off the charts. The attenuation of light between the visible, near-infrared, and infrared spectrums is even. This means that dark areas of your image are rendered with crisp clean blacks, giving you the absolute maximum performance from your high- native ISO digital sensors. The greater reduction in colorcast also means that photographers and cinematographers can use calibrated sets of filters, and switch between filter densities without disrupting the color balance, and consequently the overall look, of the project.

To ensure that ProStop IRND is the ideal IRND solution for both photographers and cinematographers, ProStop is available in both Resin and Glass. The ProStop IRND is an excellent choice for fine art photographers creating long exposures of moving water to create a dreamy mist effect. The ProStop IRND is also a terrific choice for filmmakers who want create a cinematic look and reduce IR contamination at the same time.

The Formatt-Hitech ProStop IRND individual filters as well as sets are now available on the Teamwork Digital website and will be dispatched for delivery within 7-10 working days of your order!

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