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Capture One Pro 7

Capture One Pro 7
25th October 2012 Steve Martin

Phase One have officially announced the release of the latest update to their widely acclaimed image processing and workflow software, Capture One Pro. You can purchase Capture One Pro 7 right now at the Teamwork Digital website for just £190 or upgrade from Capture One Pro 6 for just £60!

Capture One Pro 7 Available to buy now!

The official press release reads as follows:

Capture One Pro 7 Software Launched Today!

“The Professional Choice in Imaging Software”

Capture One Pro 7 is the world’s best raw converter, rendering precise colours and incredible detail with support for leading high-­end cameras. It contains flexible, digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customisable and integrated solution.

Built on the world’s best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software. It gives photographers the highly responsive, precision tools they need to create stunning out-­of-­the-­box images from leading high-­‐end cameras. With a fast and intuitive workflow, it can be customised to fit unique project requirements.

Think of it as your digital assistant, allowing you to focus on capturing your vision. With its image quality, reliability and speed, it gives you peace of mind and provides you with an array of powerful tools allowing freedom to create.

Capture One Pro 7 supports you with infinite possibilities to organise, adjust, and showcase your work. Go with the professional solution to help you and your photography excel.

World-­‐class Raw Conversion

Every raw converter application, like Capture One Pro 7, needs to take the RAW image data and covert this into an RGB image we can use. While the basics of this is relatively simple, to squeeze the most file quality out of an image requires years of experience and advanced mathematics. Capture One Pro 7’s new image processing engine marks a quantum leap in image quality ensuring world-­‐class results from your camera’s raw files – straight out of the box.

Impressive High ISO Noise Reduction

Each camera supported by Capture One Pro 7 is tested extensively to create the optimal reduction of noise without reducing details. Naturally, the amount and type of noise reduction can have a custom adjustment too. This extends to reducing noise on high ISO images as well. Shoot confidently at higher ISO values, knowing that Capture One Pro 7 will still produce an excellent file.

Tailor-­‐made Camera Profiles

Capture One Pro 7’s tailor-­‐made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality for leading DSLRs. Each camera is tested and fine tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best in your camera. Get great out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box results to reduce the time and effort you need to spend time on adjusting individual images. Noise reduction is also tailor made for each camera, meaning you can shoot with confidence at higher ISO ratings.

Comprehensive Digital Asset Management

Easy to use tools help you to organise, compare and select your images. Uniquely, Capture One Pro 7 offers working with sessions or digital asset management in the form of catalogs and powerful virtual organization. Stick with the workflow that works for you and Capture One Pro 7 will fill in the gaps.

Instant Tethered Capture

Instantly import and view images as you shoot them with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution. Simply connect your digital back or supported Canon and Nikon DSLRs to a computer to view and examine your images on-­‐screen in close-­‐up detail. This will help you make any adjustment choices easily, to attain a precise composition and incredibly accurate exposure.

Customizable User Interface

Every photographer works in a different way. We may use different tools, depending on our photography and work with images in different visual ways. Capture One Pro 7 has a complete customizable interface that allows the addition and placement of tools in your personal workspace. Switch between workspaces for specific tasks that make the job easier. It supports you with infinite possibilities to organize, compare and select your images in a workflow that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

Reasons to Buy or Upgrade:

1 – Image Quality Revolution • Raw / Bayer Interpolation • Tailor-­‐made camera profiles • It’s in the detail

2 – Superior Adjustment Tools • Noise Reduction • HDR • Clarity

3 – Comprehensive Digital Asset Management • Sessions – Still Going Strong • Catalogs – and the Freedom of Choice (off-­‐line browsing, shared catalogs, fully managed catalogs + referenced images, catalogs as documents) • Search & Filtering

4 – Enhanced Tethered Shooting • Live View for DSLR • Web-­‐enabled Capture Pilot • Profoto Integration

5 – Intelligent Corrections • Automatic Lens Correction • Improved LCC • Local Adjustment (gradient mask, fill mask, auto mask)

6 – More! • Adjustable preview • Manual Sorting • Processing to new formats • Import from Media Pro • Open CL Processing • Drag-­‐and-­‐Drop Tagging • Flip • And even more !

Click here to download a PDF to read more about reasons to buy Capture One Pro 7.

Call 0207 323 6455 or email info@teamworkphoto.com to discuss your Capture One Pro software needs or to discuss any workflow queries before purchasing.

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