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Phase One

Why buy your Phase One from Teamwork Digital?

  • Teamwork Digital are the UK’s premier Phase One dealer with a Central London showroom and demonstration area.
  • Teamwork Digital have trained staff, with unrivalled knowledge, who will travel to you if you wish to do a demo at your site anywhere in the UK.
  • Our Phase One Certified staff will support you via web, email, phone and one-on-one in-house appointments.
  • Teamwork Digital are the UK’s longest standing Phase One Dealer.

Teamwork Digital are here to offer sound professional advice before, during and after your purchase.

Rent Phase One Equipment from Teamwork Digital

With our incredible rental prices, you can get your hands on Phase One equipment from Teamwork Digital for just a fraction on the retail price. Take the latest Phase One IQ4 150MP digital back with a Phase One XF camera and prime lens for just £425 + VAT per day! Teamwork Digital rental prices are designed to be competitive and flexible. After many years of selling and hiring Phase One digital backs, we understand what the customer requires, as well as being able to provide the backup and support if something goes wrong. If you are given another quote in writing, we will, of course, do our best to match that price.

Lease Phase One Equipment from Teamwork Digital

You can also take advantage of the extremely affordable Phase One Leasing Program with Teamwork Digital. Pay monthly and save up to 35% on the standard leasing programs. Contact us for a written quotation.

Please note that we purchase Phase One equipment in Euros. Due to currency fluctuations, this means that the actual price may vary from the one listed. To ensure you are getting the best price on your equipment, please contact info@teamworkphoto.com for a written quotation.

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