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Phase One IQ2 Digital Backs

Phase One IQ2 Digital Backs
4th March 2013 Steve Martin

Phase One IQ2 Digital Backs

We are now taking orders for the brand new Phase One IQ2 digital backs. Whether you are into 80 megapixel captures, one hour long exposures or pure black and white imagery, there is an IQ2 for you. Each IQ2 model features a large 3.2 inch high-resolution touch screen display, fast wired and wireless connectivity and and an extremely durable aluminum design.

Phase One IQ280

The IQ280 is the pinnacle of image quality. It offers some of the highest resolution captures of any commercially available cameras. The 80 megapixel captures, enormous dynamic range and unparalleled image quality makes it an ideal solution for a wide array of photographic disciplines.

Phase One IQ260


The IQ260 goes beyond the norm; it’s made for extraordinary captures. It can deliver long exposures of up to one hour and produce 60 megapixel captures that are virtually noise free.

Phase One IQ260 Achromatic

The IQ260 Achromatic offers pure black and white images; no filters or interpolation applied. The 60 megapixel captures are stunning and pin sharp. As there is no IR cut-off filter mounted on the sensor, there are endless opportunities to create very distinct imagery both for artistic and scientific purposes using the wide array of lens-mounted filters on the market.

To discuss your upgrade options to the new IQ2 range digital backs from Phase One please email info@teamworkphoto.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7323 6455.

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