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Adaptable Adventure Backpacks for Photographers, Filmmakers and Explorers Everywhere.

NYA-EVO brings a new breed of adventure backpack to the camera equipment market. One thing all filmmakers and photographers can attest to is that gear is heavy, expensive and bulky. Bags needs to be sturdy enough to withstand extremes situations, and that is where NYA-EVO comes in.

Our backpacks have already helped some of the world’s most talented explorers take their craft even further.

Now Made With ECONYL®

NYA-EVO Fjord 36 and Fjord 60-C now features an updated main fabric made of ECONYL® — A strong lightweight nylon fabric made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth. Through the regeneration process the nylon comes out just as strong as brand new nylon.

Purchasing a NYA-EVO Fjord backpack will not only help you carry your precious gear safely and comfortably, but every purchase also looks after the planet we’re on.

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Fjord 26

Agile | Lightweight | Protected | Prepared

The new Fjord 26 is our smallest and most lightweight bag yet in our line-up, but carries all the high-grade features and materials that NYA-EVO has come to be known for.

The Fjord 26 is highly capable and adaptable with its removable waist belt and compression straps. This rugged and agile pack that doesn’t compromise on form or function. With the versatility of our Removable Camera Insert system (RCI), the Fjord 26 brings an entirely new frontier to the NYA-EVO range, and to those who carry it.


The Fjord 26 can be used in its most streamlined City Mode or in Adventure Mode with the Sports Package (removable waist belt, top and bottom compression straps and net attachment system).


Coming in at just 1.15kg / 2.53lbs in City Mode and 1.5kg / 3.3lbs in Adventure Mode, with the Fjord 26 you are travelling super light.

Load Transfer

Even with its small size, the Fjord 26 features an aluminium frame to help transfer weight from your shoulders and back to your hips.

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Fjord 36

The Ultimate Everyday Adventure Camera Backpack

With a full-size aluminium frame, and made with highly water-resistant and durable materials, the rugged Fjord 36 is an all-rounder pack ready for any adventure. Top quality components, tested in factory and in the field, brings you worry-free performance at any time. The Fjord 36 is one action pack that does it all. Adaptable to exactly what you need, so you can be a smart and well-prepared adventurer.

Peace of Mind

Camera equipment is safe from the elements.


Aluminium frame and ergonomically designed shoulder straps make you feel the load inside the backpack much less, carrying 15kg with ease. Back padding body contact fabric is quick drying, soft and non-abrasive.


Our load stabiliser system moves weight to the frame and the frame transfers it to the hips. Not worrying about your gear means that you can focus on what’s important.

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Fjord 60-C

Fit More. Go Further.

Camera equipment needs to be on-hand, and bags need to be sturdy enough to withstand extreme situations. The Fjord 60-C balances these demands in a comfortable and adaptable carry-on design.

Front and Top Expansion Sections

Our front and top expansion pockets allow you to transform the Fjord 60-C from a 44 litre carry-on into a 52 litre adventure pack or into 60 litre expedition mode.

Access More, Faster

Our one-of-a-kind quick-access top pocket is more than it seems. It’s expandable, water resistant and conveniently separate from the main body of the backpack.


Packing heavier and going further means one thing: your backpack needs to be really comfortable. So NYA-EVO designed the Fjord 60-C with a torso height adjustment system to be just that.

NYA-EVO knows not every journey is the same. And a backpack should be able to adapt.

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Removable Camera Insert (RCI)

Maximum Efficiency

The benefit of having three sizes of RCI is the freedom to customise and carry what you want when you want. When using one, the others can be left at home with the lid on to store your other gear. Every outing or assignment is different; be efficient and have the option to take exactly what you need.

The adaptable Removable Camera Insert (RCI) system is ultra-protective, customisable, and collapses flat when not in use. It comes in three sizes:

  • Small (RCI-S) leaves 70% free space in the Fjord 26, 80% free space in the Fjord 36, and 90% free space in the Fjord 60-C. The RCI-S is optimal for carrying a fair amount of camera gear while having a lot of space left for other essentials.
  • Medium (RCI-M) leaves 40% free space in the Fjord 26, 50% free space in the Fjord 36, and 60% free space in the Fjord 60-C. The RCI-M is a great split of camera gear and essentials.
  • Large (RCI-L) leaves 10% free space in the Fjord 26, 20% free space in the Fjord 36, and 30% free space in the Fjord 60-C. The RCI-L is the right choice for people that need to carry the most amount of gear with them.


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