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Feature Update #4 Service Release 2

Feature Update #4 Service Release 2
28th May 2019 Al Simmons

Feature update #4 service release 2


This firmware cements some of the great tools that were made available within Feature Update #4 for the XF camera system, and further develops the IQ4 platform. Here is a run down of what’s now available:

Exposure Zone Tool on the IQ4

The Exposure Zone Tool allows you to critically assess the RAW luminosity of an image on the digital back, by displaying a coloured overlay over the preview. For any application, this is a fantastic tool, so you can accurately review your exposure, from clipped highlights through to lost shadow detail. This was available in IQ2 and IQ3 digital backs, and it’s good to see it return into the IQ4 platform.

Extended AFr Lens Support

Autofocus Recompose (AFr) was introduced in Feature Update #4 and significantly developed the focusing capability of the XF camera. Once you have found focus (on the eye for example), and repositioned the frame to capture the scene, AFr will reposition the focus point. This compensates for any shift in focal plane from the recomposition, and means more accurate experience when shooting at wider apertures, or simply in absolutely achieving the sharpest possible focus. Until this point, AFr has been available with the Blue Ring 55mm f2.8 LS, 80mm f2.8 LS, 110mm f2.8 LS, 120mm f4 LS Macro, 150mm f2.8 LS and 150mm f3.5 LS lenses. This 2nd Service Release now expands this feature to the 35mm f3.5 LS, 45mm f3.5 LS and 240mm f4.5 LS lenses.

Extended Automatic Focus Stack Calculator Lens Support

The Focus Stack tool was introduced in Feature Update #2 and became a go-to in the workflow of still life, landscape, architectural and other static applications where maximum depth of field is required. In Feature Update #4, the option was introduced for Automatic Calculation of how many shots were required for every frame to be sharp,  and this was supported on the Blue Ring 80mm f2.8 LS, Blue Ring 120mm f4 LS Macro and Silver Ring 120mm f4 AF Macro lenses. With this 2nd Service Release, the Automatic Focus Stack Calculator has been extended to support the Blue Ring 45mm f3.5 LS, 150mm f2.8 LS, 150mm f3.5 LS.

Through the ongoing XF Feature Updates, it is clear that Phase One are dedicated to ensuring the XF Camera System is achieving the ultimate quality, and tools that were already useful are continuing to be developed so they are available to all photographers who choose the XF Camera System as their workhorse.

You can find the new firmware available to download here along with the Release Notes.

As ever, if you wish to arrange a demonstration of the XF IQ4 Camera System on-site or at our London showroom, call us on 0207 323 6455 or email info@teamworkphoto.com to speak to a member of the team.

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