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Phase One Feature Update 8 and New Product Releases

Phase One Feature Update 8 and New Product Releases
26th November 2020 Al Simmons
Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

Phase One is dedicated to the longevity of their products and, along with Teamwork Digital, aim to continue serving the needs of photographers that invest in their products well into the future. Today, we are pleased to share in the announcement of Feature Update #8, which sees new developments for the XF IQ Camera System, the XT Camera System and the IQ4 Infinity Platform.

Feature Update #8 is a fantastic milestone for the investment protection of the Phase One system, which represents a true dedication to photographers and photographic sustainability.

Firmware will be available for download at the beginning of December.

XF Camera


Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

Since its release in 2015, the XF Camera has seen many incremental improvements that have brought new features and functionality to photographers. Today brings these fine tuned adjustments together for a new performance update of the XF.

We are excited about what this update represents for Phase One photographers, as it makes for a faster camera, with increased capture rate and improved responsiveness, in conjunction with all IQ backs.

XT Camera


The XT Camera will also benefit greatly from Feature Update #8, as Phase One have increased the integration between XT Body, IQ4 and XT Lens.

We now have access to Automatic Exposure Metering within Live View, via Av, Tv and P metering modes. This level of functionality is unique to the XT Camera amongst Field/View/Technical Cameras. It is made possible thanks to the X-Shutter innovations and the flexibility of the Infinity Platform.


Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

IQ4 Infinity Platform


Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

Feature Update #8 will add functionality and features based on new developments and photographer feedback, with the primary focus being power management, connectivity and control. This update will have a positive impact for IQ4 photographers whether using their digital back on the XF, XT or a Technical Camera, and the new features are as follows:

  • Adhoc WiFi Connectivity
  • CFexpress storage
  • 4K JPEG
  • Custom Guides in Live View
  • USB-C Power Bank Compability
  • External Shutter Activation (Frame Averaging and Dual Exposure+)
  • Shutter Speed and ISO control (+ Aperture metadata) when used with a technical camera.

New IQ4 Lab Feature


Phase One have introduced a new Lab Feature, based on the further refinements to Live View light metering. ETTR (Expose To The Right), is a ‘one touch’ shortcut to automatically capture an exposure that is pushed as far to the highlights as possible. This provides a ‘technically perfect’ starting point for an exposure, allowing the most to be made from the image in post-processing.

This marks the completion of Dual Exposure+ which we saw released as a Lab feature at the beginning of the year. This is now a fully fledged feature that has made its way out of the Lab!

Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

80mm f2.8 LS Mark II Blue Ring


Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

The 80mm f/2.8 Mark II Blue Ring lens is a new optical design of the standard focal length.

The new lens design utilises an aspherical element to reduce light and sharpness falloff, while the overall design improves contrast and clarity. It is great to see the ongoing development of already fantastic lenses, and we are excited to bring this to our photographers seeking utmost quality. The 80mm Mark II is similar in size to the 55mm and 110mm lenses.

The 80mm f/2.8 Mark II will remain alongside the current lighter & smaller 80mm f2.8 Blue Ring Lens within our lens portfolio. This lens is ready and available to order now.

Mobile App Announcement


With improvements in the IQ4, Mobile App integration will soon elevate the workflow possibilities of the IQ4 and XF Camera System. The mobile nature of the XT puts it in a unique position to take advantage of the future mobile platform for a much more dynamic and independent workflow.

We are still waiting on a firm release date for the new App, but we expect it to be available in April 2021. We will be able to offer demonstrations on request.

Phase one feature update 8 and new product releases

If you have any questions or need any more information about these updates, get in touch to speak with one of the team! See below for a video produced in conjunction with Phase One Ambassador Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, and also a nice overview of the Phase One Lens Story.


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