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Pre-Owned Noblex Pro 6 / 150 Panoramic Camera

Pre-Owned Noblex Pro 6 / 150 Panoramic Camera

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Pre-Owned Noblex 6 / 150 Panoramic Camera – Good Condition

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Pre-Owned Noblex 6 / 150 Panoramic Camera

We are selling this camera on behalf of a long-standing and trusted client. The camera has been tested with a couple of rolls of film, and the mechanism seems to be working reliably.

Special Features of NOBLEX

  1. NOBLEX cameras use the principle of a lens rotating 360° for one exposure.
  2. The film, resting on the curved film plane, is exposed through the constant shutter slit.
  3. During the first half of the rotation the lens drum is accelerated to a constant speed insuring absolutely even exposure of the film during the second half of the rotation.
  4. This results in distortion free photographs with an angle of view of 146° when using a NOBLEX PRO 6/150 and 138° . What makes these pictures stand out are their remarkably even edge to edge illumination and unsurpassed sharpness.
  5. The photographs correspond to the natural space perception of the human eye.

Format for a panorama to 146 degrees:

Noblex Pro 06/150 – 50mmX120mm


Supplied with 3 Month TWD Warranty

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