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Capture Your Biggest Creative Vision with the IQ4

Capture Your Biggest Creative Vision with the IQ4
25th June 2019 Al Simmons

IQ4 Creative Control

As a photographer, your unique perspective and creative use of tools empowers you to stand out from the billions of images captured daily. To effectively deliver a distinctive vision in this fast-paced industry demands an innovative and future-forward camera that becomes an extension of your creativity –transforming your creative vision into your creative achievement. Create with the camera system that overcomes the unpredictable and embraces technological change, while emboldening creativity from its core. The IQ4 is a camera that stays innovative through an ever-expanding platform. We call it the Infinity Platform, and it is designed to change with you and adapt to new technology, removing the limitations in your creative workflow. The cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One has been integrated into the camera itself for control, quality and integration –even when you are away from your computer. Three tethering options, dual storage capabilities and a modular design  provide future-proof flexibility and functionality. The large, full frame medium format sensors capture the greatest amount of light with the least amount of interpretation, providing unmatched image quality and unparalleled photographic flexibility. And the expanding toolset brings innovative feature development directly to you, with boundary-pushing features such as Automated Frame Averaging, which redefines what the single frame digital capture can be. Available in 150MP, 100MP Trichromatic and 150MP Achromatic variants, you are sure to find the XF IQ4 Camera System ideal for expanding your creative control.

New Developments to an Ever-Expanding Platform

Enhance your creative control with Automated Frame Averaging

Automated Frame Averaging effectively enables the capture of long exposure images without the need for filters. This new type of sequencing tool automatically captures and combines a series of images into a single RAW file, which reduces noise, extends dynamic range, and protects highlights. Automated Frame Averaging allows hundreds of successive user-specified captures to be combined into a single RAW file. The frames are automatically recorded, combined, and presented as a single RAW file with virtually no noise and improved dynamic range. Automated Frame Averaging effectively enables you to capture long exposures without the need for filters, while ensuring your highlights remain.

Shoot with your own custom IQ Style applied

Create your own Capture One Styles and upload them directly to the IQ4 to embed in captured images. Shoot with your own style applied for immediate visual feedback and confirmation of creative direction, or to gain early client buy-in. Granular customisation with refined storage and workflow flexibility. Create your own Capture One Styles and upload them directly to the IQ4 to embed in captured images. Shoot with your own unique style applied for immediate visual feedback and confirmation of creative direction, or to gain early client buy-in. There are 3 Custom IQ Style slots available. In addition, you can now utilize the HDR and Clarity adjustments found in Capture One 12.1 in the creation of your Custom IQ Styles, for even more workflow efficiency.

Truly customise your capture workflow and image storage

Gain more image storage flexibility with SD as primary storage, SD as XQD overflow storage, and direct to Capture One image transfer.
Primary SD Capture: Capture RAW images directly to the SD card without the presence of the XQD. This option gives you added storage flexibility and the universal convenience of SD storage.
SD Overflow: When the XQD storage is full, SD Overflow automatically starts storing subsequent RAW images to the SD storage, allowing you to shoot for longer before needing to change out storage cards.
Direct Image Transfer: Transfer images from the XQD and SD storage within the IQ4 directly to Capture One via Ethernet and USB-C for a simplified workflow and less reliance on additional accessories.

Other Improvements

Zone Tool: With this mask overlay enabled, you are able to view the distribution values across a captured image to evaluate exposure.
Technical Camera Workflow Enhancements: Technical camera users will benefit from the addition of Bulb and Time exposure modes. These seemingly small improvements allow further independence from external accessories and camera systems when using the IQ4.


The IQ4 Infinity Platform was built from the inside out with the aim of elevating the professional workflow by removing limitations, enabling seemingly endless technical and creative possibilities. Continuing the promise of open platform development, the IQ4 is primed to grow with you, with professional workflow demands and with technological improvements. Coupled with significant speed and flexibility improvements thanks to the platform foundation, the IQ4 is well-prepared for whatever the future holds. With the Creative Control Enhancement, the first expansion of the IQ4, we have focused on improving your creative control by redefining what the single frame RAW image can be. We have also made advancements in the storage and workflow flexibility of the IQ4, in response to customer feedback and requests.

To find out more about IQ4 Creative Control, or anything related to the Phase One platform, contact Teamwork and speak to one of our digital specialists.

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