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Virtual Hands-On with the Phase One XF Camera

Virtual Hands-On with the Phase One XF Camera
10th September 2015 Steve Martin

There are many differences between the Phase One XF Camera system and the cameras that went before it. To help you along the learning curve, we’ve collated some Phase One videos that will help you take full advantage of this new system.

These videos cover the main functionalities of the Phase One XF Camera System. More videos in the near future will extend the hands-on experience.

Buttons and dials

An explanation of buttons and dials of the system, including the default configuration.


Configure the buttons and dials to meet your requirements, including the configuration from the Phase One Digital Back XF menu and from within Capture One.


Presentation and description of the two display types (Classic and Simple) and how to switch between them.


Brief walk-through of the menu content, including how to easily navigate with the buttons and dials, covering the XF menu of the Phase One Digital Back and menu access from within Capture One software.


Walk-through of touch-functionalities of the display, including the lock-screen and XF features of the IQ-display.

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