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Used Equipment Wanted

Used Equipment Wanted
11th December 2013 Steve Martin

Have you got something on your Christmas list that will replace your current kit?

Have you eyed up something new to buy in the January sales?

Why not consolidate your old equipment with Teamwork Digital? We have customers worldwide wanting:

  • Hasselblad V And H
  • Leica
  • large format cameras
  • medium format camera
  • lenses
  • Mamiya 7
  • Nikon AF
  • high end digital products
  • studio lighting and accessories
  • digital SLR’s

Our Central London location is best placed to sell your items quickly and efficiently.

Please phone 020 7323 6455 and speak to Moses or email repairs@teamworkphoto.com with details of any items you may have and images to help us identify items and their condition.


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