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Teamwork Digital's Products of 2015 – Phase One XF Camera

Teamwork Digital's Products of 2015 – Phase One XF Camera
26th December 2015 Steve Martin

For those who have previously said that medium format digital is dead, we have two letters for you.


Phase One XF Camera System

The Phase One XF Camera Platform

The latest Phase One XF Camera platform from the Phase One teams in Denmark and Japan confirmed that this was certainly not the case in 2015. The XF has proven to be so successful and well received that we even still have back orders for clients stretching into the early weeks of 2016.

If you’ve not had the opportunity to try one out yet, please contact us to get your hands on an XF 645 System.

Our favourite new features include:

The upgraded new OneTouch user interface is extremely simple to use with barely any learning curve.

The soft configurable controls allows you to fit the system to your own personal needs.

The all new super fast and accurate HAP-1, self-calibratable Hyperfocal Point Focusing feature is so precise that it must be seen to be believed.

As well as:

Seismographic Vibration delay, Bullseye level and a beautifully designed and finished Waist Level Finder along with waist level focus confirmation screen view.

If you’re one of the most demanding professional photographers we really do believe that with the Phase One XF Camera System, you have the fastest, most robust and reliable medium format camera ever.

It’s caused a storm in 2015 and will be thundering on through 2016.

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