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Phase One and Profoto capture and lighting integration

Phase One and Profoto capture and lighting integration
17th June 2013 Steve Martin


Phase One and Profoto today have announced that they are collaborating to create a powerful new tethered shooting option.

This new camera and lighting control means that photographers can now link their Profoto studio light to the aperture or ISO settings of their DSLR or medium format camera system.

So, while shooting in Capture One Pro, any changes made to the aperture on the camera will cause the light intensity of the studio light to automatically compensate an equivalent f-stop. stop. For example, if the photographer switches from f/8 to f/5.6, the light will drop one f-stop, so that the image is not overexposed. With this flexibility, adjusting a scene’s lighting is simplified; a photographers’ workflow will be enhanced, time can be saved and focus set on taking pictures.

Availability and Pricing

The new image capture and lighting integration solution is available now for Mac OS. It requires Capture One Pro 7.1.2 or Capture One DB (digital back) 7.1.2 or later and a Profoto Studio plugin for Capture One. Capture One software is available from Teamwork Digital. The Profoto Studio plugin is available to download here. The solution works with all Profoto lights with built-in Air Remote Control. For a list of compatible cameras please refer to: http://www.phaseone.com/camerasupport

Get started with capture and light integration

It’s  easy to get the plug-in up and running in Capture One Pro:

  1. Download and unzip the plug-in
  2. Move the downloaded plug-in to the folder: library/application support/capture one/plug-ins
  3. Open Capture One Pro/DB
  4. Add the light control tool to any available tool tab you choose in Capture One Pro/DB
  5. You are all set to use your new tool

NB Note that you will need firmware 5.00.51 or newer for IQ1 backs and firmware version 2.20 or newer for the 645DF+ camera to work with the capture and lighting integration.

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