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Last Week’s Phase One Certified Professional course

Last Week’s Phase One Certified Professional course
25th March 2013 Steve Martin


Our recent Phase One Certified Professional course was another great success and one of the best to date. This was the first course in which we rolled out new course material regarding Capture One Pro 7 software and use of catalogues, as well as covering USB 3.0 tethered usage of IQ digital backs. A big, big thank you to the course attendees: Jose Mosquera, Alex Meininger, Josef, William Eckersley, Bart Pajak, Johannes Rascher, Antonella Debellis, Samuel, Marianne Demmo, Jean-Pierre Pereira, William Gillingham-SuttonTimothy Adams, Susana Santa-Marta, Yiannis Mouzakitis and Mark King without whom we wouldn’t have had a course to run! Your participation and feedback is what makes these events worth running.


Candidates got tutorage form James Johnson of Phase One (A/S) Support Denmark and hands-on time with a series of Phase One equipment including DF+ cameras, Leaf shutter lenses, P+ and IQ digital backs. They also got to work with a Linhof technical camera, Profoto lighting, utilising Airsync technology as well as working with Capture One Pro 7 software learning all about the raw advantage and working with Capture Pilot.


All in all, the two day event was a great opportunity to learn about the Phase One platform and to get a better understanding of the advantages of Capture One software when used in a professional photographic environment. The course also included advanced troubleshooting skills for equipment and software. This set the attendees in good stead for the written test that concluded the course. Successful candidates who passed the written test gained Phase One Certified Professional recognition and will soon be listed on the phaseone.com website as a recognised, certified digital technician. For those wishing to attain Phase One Certified Professional certification, the next course is on the 25th and 26th June 2013 and will be held as usual at the extremely nice and receptive Holborn Studios, to whom we would like to give a big shout for their help!

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