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Phase One/Cambo Offerings

Phase One/Cambo Offerings
11th April 2018 Al Simmons

Phase one/cambo offeringsPhase one/cambo offerings

Phase One and Cambo have come together with three camera solutions to offer significant discount pricing to those photographers requiring the precision flexibility of a Cambo technical camera setup, to match the image quality and colour reproduction of the Phase One digital backs. (All of these versatile kits are available until the end of April 2018 )


  1. IQ3 50MP Digital Back | Cambo WRC-400 | Rodenstock 35mm HR Lens = £22,715 (ex VAT)


Phase one/cambo offerings

With 40mm horizontal or vertical shift, this is an ideal option for architectural or landscape photographers looking for a compact mirrorless system.


2) IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back | Cambo WRS-1600 | Rodenstock 32mm HR T/S Lens = £36,355 (ex VAT)

Phase one/cambo offerings

The WRS-1600 has more extensive movements, with 40mm horizontal and 40mm vertical shift. Along with this, the 32mm Rodenstock comes included with the Cambo Tilt/Swing adapter offering even more flexibility for architectural, landscape or still life photographers.


3) IQ3 100MP Trichromatic | Cambo Actus DB II | Rodenstock 70mm HR Copal-0 Lens = £31,800 (ex VAT)


Phase one/cambo offerings


The ultimate digital view camera solution, with extensive tilt, shift and swing functionality. Compact, mirrorless and fully suited for architectural, landscape and still life photography.


As ever, we here at Teamwork are on-hand for any demonstrations, tests or hires of our medium format offerings. Get in touch on 0207 323 6455 or email us on sales@teamworkphoto.com!

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