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Pre-Owned Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpar 35mm f4.0

Pre-Owned Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpar 35mm f4.0

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Pre-Owned Rodenstock HR Alpar 35mm f4.0 – Excellent Condition

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Pre-Owned Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpar 35mm f4.0

Pre-Owned Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpar 35mm f4.0 in excellent cosmetic condition. This lens has seen light use and has been left with us for sale by a long-standing and trusted client, who has moved away from working with an Alpa camera system. A beautiful lens to elevate your creative photography.

The Rodenstock Alpa HR Alpar 35mm f4.0 is a wide angle large format lens specifically designed for use with digital backs, which require a smaller image circle with extreme resolution, colour correction, and maximum performance at a large aperture. This lens is recommended for use with backs having a 33 x 44mm maximum image area, providing a view similar to that of a 28mm lens on a 35mm format camera; a classic focal length.

The Phase One A-Series was a collaboration with ALPA. Exclusive to the Phase One A-series was factory configured in-camera lens calibrations, making the need to create and apply colour cast correction profiles (LCCs) optional. One can simply attach an A-series lens and start shooting.

The three A-series Rodenstock Alpagon/Alpar lens profiles are factory calibrated, configured and preloaded on the new IQ3 A-series digital backs to get the most out of each medium format sensor. Using the new firmware and A-series camera mode, photographers simply select the lens used and corrections are then automatically processed in camera and when importing to Capture One Pro.

With specialist equipment new or pre-owned, we always encourage a personal demonstration, so if you are interested in this system and wondering whether it is right for you and what you’re looking to achieve, please reach out to arrange an introduction with one of our team.

Supplied with:

1 x Original Box

1 x Optech Neoprene Cover

1 x Front Cap

1 x Rear Cap

1 x Alpa Lens Shade

1 x High Precision Focus Ring

1 x Copal-0 Shutter

1 x Alpa Sync Release Mark II

Supplied with 3 Month Teamwork Warranty

Serial Number: 12292341


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