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LEE 100mm Deluxe Kit with 5 Filters

LEE 100mm Deluxe Kit with 5 Filters

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Lee Filters 100 series Deluxe Filter Kit…the simplest way to get started in the Lee 100 filter system.

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Lee Filters Deluxe Kit.

LEE Filters has taken the guesswork out of the process with the introduction of the LEE 100mm Deluxe Kit with 5 Filters . Filters are more popular than ever, and  their benefits in terms of getting the image right in-camera are widely recognised. However, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing the right ones.  Containing five filters and a Filter Holder that comes ready assembled with two slots and a 105mm Accessory Ring attached. It couldn’t be simpler to get started with the 100mm system.

LEE 100mm Deluxe Kit with 5 Filters contents:

  • A Filter Holder that allows the photographer to use two drop-in filters as well as a polariser, which screws onto the 105mm Accessory Ring.
  • A Landscape Polariser, which not only polarises the scene, but also adds a subtle warm tone to the image. It can be used as wide as 16/17mm on a full-frame camera without vignetting, even with two further filters in the holder.
  • The hugely popular Big Stopper reduces the exposure by ten stops, allowing the photographer to use wider apertures in bright conditions or to slow down shutter speeds so that seas and skies take on those classic long-exposure qualities.
  • A 1.2 (four stop) neutral-density medium graduated filter, which is ideal for shooting directly into the sun at the beginning and end of the day. At these times, there’s a big disparity between the exposure values of the sky and the foreground, and the 1.2 ND grad ensures the sensor records detail in both.
  • A 0.9 (three stop) neutral-density hard graduated filter, which is renowned for its versatility and is indispensible to landscape photographers.
  • A 0.6 (two stop) neutral-density medium graduated filter. The medium grad is the perfect all-round filter and is already a firm favourite with many photographers.

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