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Lee 105mm Landscape Polariser + Lee Ring

Lee 105mm Landscape Polariser + Lee Ring

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They can also be used in conjunction with other filters (although the polariser should always be placed in front of polyester filters to ensure it functions correctly) for a wide range of effects. A not commonly known fact, is that a polariser can also be used as an ND filter when the polarisation state has been adjusted to minimise any saturation or sky deepening if not required.

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Lee Landscape Polariser + Lee Ring

This Lee Landscape Polariser will go down to 16/17mm without vignetting when used with a two slotted filter holder on a full frame 35mm sensor. Also features slightly warm bias. This is a 105mm rotating polariser, circular effect. Reduces exposure up to 1⅔ stops.

Lee 105mm Front Ring

The Lee 105mm Front Ring adapts the Lee filter holder to take 105mm screw-in polarisers attached to the front. The ring is held in place by the 4 brass screws that are already in the Lee holder.

The LEE Filters System of camera products is the most versatile and comprehensive lens accessory system on the market. With the LEE System, you can attach any of our professional quality filters, stack of filters, or hoods to any lens in your camera collection. The LEE Filters System is modular, so you can expand your hardware as your collection of lenses and cameras grows. LEE products are constructed of the highest quality materials; these rings, holders and hoods will provide years of dependable service.


  • High-Grade Aluminium Construction
  • Allows the use of a 105mm Screw-In Polariser









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