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Lee 100mm Neutral Density Graduated Filter (Soft Edge)

Lee 100mm Neutral Density Graduated Filter (Soft Edge)

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Lee 100 Neutral Density Graduated Filter.(Soft Edge)

Lee Filters 100 ND Graduated Filter in Soft Edge for the 100 system. The 100 filter system is suited to Film, APS-C digital, FF digital, medium format as well as some large format lenses.

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Lee 100mm Neutral Density Graduated Filter (Soft Edge)

Lee Filters 100mm Neutral Density Graduated Filter in Soft Edge for the 100 system. The 100 filter system is composed of filters either 100 x 100mm or 100 x 150mm in size. Such is the versatility of the size that it can be used successfully on Film, APS-C digital, FF digital, medium format as well as some large format lenses. Easily being adaptable to many ultra wide lenses as well as some ultra wide zooms with some limitations.

The most indispensable filter in any landscape photographer’s kit, the Neutral Density Graduated is an essential accessory. Lee 100mm Neutral Density Grads are distinctive because of the noticeable shading to one half of the filter. Designed to be used so that the photographer can balance out the exposure between a bright sky and a dark foreground, like the ground for example. Or in seascapes where the sky can be overcast and featureless yet causes a big difference in the exposure value with the dark sea. Utilising the grad allows the exposure to be balanced between the two zones.

Though a mainstay of film photography, they have really come into their own with digital. Early digital sensors had a limited dynamic range and though much improved, ND Grads have provided a much needed level of fine exposure control. Plus using a filter during exposure is much easier than attempting to adjust the image post-processing.

Available in a number of different exposure reducing strengths and different degrees of gradations meaning many options and possibilities for photographers. There is nothing simpler than being able to hold up a filter to the scene and pre-visualize the effect prior to use. Allowing for changes and adaptation accordingly to setting, weather, time of day, etc. It really allows for much needed confirmation.

Lee Filters manufacture four different types of graduated filters, plus the distinctive Reverse Grad series.

There is no hard and fast rules about which filters to use for what scene as this is entirely down to the scene, conditions and personal shooting style.

They are available as:

Soft Edge – A soft transition with a noticeable and gradual change from the dark area to clear. Ideally suited for landscapes.

Medium Edge – Providing a slighty greater degree of transition than the Soft Edge

Hard Edge – A much more noticeable difference between the graduated and clear zone. For situations like seascapes where the horizon line is sharply delineated.

Very Hard Edge – For the experienced user, the Very Hard Edge has the sharpest transition

All four grad filters are available in 6 filter densities;

ND0.3 ( 1 Stop )

ND0.45 ( 1.5 Stop ) ( Special Order )

ND0.6 ( 2 Stop )

ND0.75 ( 2.5 Stop ) ( Special Order )

ND0.9 ( 3 Stop )

ND1.2 ( 4 Stop )

The 100 Graduated filters are 100 x 150mm in size and 2mm in thickness. Each filter is supplied with a soft padded pouch.

  • 100 x 150mm Filter Size
  • Suitable for any system that accepts a 100mm wide filter
  • Highest Quality Optical Resin
  • Completely Neutral – No unwanted colour cast
  • Available in ND0.3, ND0.45, ND0.6, ND0.75, ND0.9 and ND1.2
  • Supplied with Soft Storage Pouch
  • Also made for Lee Seven 5 System, Lee 85 System, Lee SW150 and by special request for Cokin X-Pro

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