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Formatt Hitech Firecrest ND 13 & 16 Stop Slot-in Filter

Formatt Hitech Firecrest ND 13 & 16 Stop Slot-in Filter

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A High Density IRND for Long Exposure
This Formatt Hitech Firecrest IRND filter can reduces light by up to 13 or 16 stops

The 100x100mm filter is 2mm thick and fits the Formatt…


A High Density IRND for Long Exposure

This Formatt Hitech Firecrest IRND filter can reduces light by up to 13 or 16 stops.

The 100x100mm filter is 2mm thick and fits the Formatt-Hitech 100mm aluminium holder. It is also hydrophobic and scratch-resistant. Firecrest IRND filters for photography are made from Schott Superwhite glass and feature the Firecrest IRND 15 layer multicoating on the outside of the filter.

The 72mm, 77mm and 82mm Formatt Hitech Firecrest IRND filters feature the 5.5mm SuperSlim stackable ring.

About Formatt Hitech Firecrest IRND Filters

Firecrest IRND is a revolutionary new type of infrared-attenuating neutral density filter from Formatt-Hitech. Firecrest is a 15 layer multicoating process that is applied directly to the glass though a vacuum-formed, hard-coated, electrolytic process. Firecrest filters are anti-reflective and extremely flare resistant, which increases contrast and visual acuity in challenging lighting conditions. They are also hydrophobic and scratch-resistant.

Independent Test Data

These graphs show test results from an independent test performed at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The test measured the spectral power distribution of tungsten light reflected off a spectralon target made of barium sulfate using a Photo Research SpectraScan Model 705 spectroradiometer. The results were graphed according to their wavelength (in nanometers) along the X axis, versus radiance (in watts per steradian per meter squared) along the Y axis.

In the top graph, the yellow line represents the baseline tungsten light reading reflected off the barium sulfate target. This graph illustrates the excellent filtration properties of both the ProStop IRND (shown in green) and the Firecrest IRND (shown in blue). Both filters appear nearly flat from this perspective.

The second graph emphasises the differences between the two filters by removing the baseline tungsten reading and zooming-in on the Y axis. On closer inspection, the graph shows the ProStop IRND strongly attenuating the near-infrared spectrum before returning to neutral attenuation of the infrared spectrum around the 730nm mark. Firecrest (shown in blue) performs perfectly linearly in the visible light spectrum, before completely eliminating the infrared energy at around the 700nm mark. Compared to the ProStop IRND (which is the previous benchmark in IRND filtrations) the performance shown by Firecrest IRND is nothing short of revolutionary. Firecrest IRND truly is the future of ND filtration for digital sensors.

Results in-the-field confirm the test data. The new Firecrest IRND is amazingly neutral regardless of the camera make or model used.

Available Densities

  • Firecrest IRND filters are available between 1-10 stops, plus a 16 stop filter for long exposure.
  • Firecrest IRND SE Grads are available between 1-5 stops.

Available Sizes

2mm Rectangular Glass for Photo

  • 67x85mm solid & grad*
  • 85x85mm solid & 85x110mm grad*
  • 100x100mm solid*
  • 100x125mm grad*
  • 100x150mm grad*
  • 150x150mm solid & 150x170mm grad*
  • 165x165mm solid & 165x200mm grad*

4mm Rectangular Glass for Cinema

  • 4×4” solid & grad*
  • 4×5.65” solid & grad
  • 5.65×5.65” solid & grad*
  • 6.6×6.6” solid & grad*

Circular Sizes*

39 | 46 | 49 | 52 | 58 | 62 | 67 | 72 | 77 | 82 | 95 | 105 | 127

* Coming Soon

SuperSlim and UltraSlim Rings

Circular Firecrest IRND filters are available in the thinnest rings on the market. The SuperSlim is threaded, stackable and only 5.5mm thin. The UltraSlim rings are 3mm thin. UltraSlim rings are not stackable and don’t have threading for lens caps, however they are the thinnest circular screw-in filters in the world.

2mm vs 4mm Glass

2mm filters feature the Firecrest applied to the outside of the filter, to cope with the anti-reflective demands of photographers (who don’t typically use matte boxes or heavy lens flare protection). 4mm filters feature the Firecrest coating sandwiched in the middle, to increase the ruggedness of the filters for professional cinema and rental applications.




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