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Mastin Labs now available for Capture One

Mastin Labs now available for Capture One
11th April 2019 Al Simmons

Mastin labs now available for capture one

If you are looking to speed up your RAW processing, with the use of Styles, Mastin Labs Kodak Everyday Original Styles are now incorporated into Capture One Pro 12. Get amazing results instantly when the power and precision of Capture One meets the timeless quality and simplicity of Kodak Film Styles.

Kodak Everyday Original Styles Pack

Make your everyday photos timeless with Mastin’s most popular and versatile film pack ever. The Kodak Everyday Original Styles pack comes packed with the genuine looks of all three seminal film stocks for digital and hybrid photographers.

Kodak Gold 200​

With deep golden tones and glowing highlights, Kodak Gold 200 is pure nostalgia. The ideal style for your personal work, mesmerizing portraits and family photos.

Kodak Ektar 100​

Brimming with cool shadows and warm highlights, Ektar100 is made for adventure. This style is Kirk Mastin’s favorite for exotic travel photos, lush landscapes and unforgettable weddings.

Kodak Tri-X 400

Prized by photojournalists for its versatility and sophistication, Tri-X 400 is a B&W film that has captured some of the most important moments in history.



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