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Introducing the extraordinary Phase One XT

Introducing the extraordinary Phase One XT
10th September 2019 Al Simmons

Phase One have surprised us with a new addition to the IQ4 Camera Cystem, and we are very happy to have been given the opportunity to test this in advance of it’s release. Meet the Phase One XT.

XT Lenses and Shutter Flexibility

These Rodenstock XT lenses feature the new  ‘X-Shutter‘, which has been brought into the XT system from the Phase One Industrial lenses. These shutters are designed to withstand the most demanding of situations, and can comfortably exceed 500,000 actuations.

With exposure times from 1 second to 1/1000s. The Leaf Shutter design offers a new level of flexibility when shooting with flash, with sync speed all the way to 1/1000s (through the PC sync on the IQ4). With the IQ4 Electronic Shutter, we are able to capture with zero vibration and zero mechanical movement, all the way to 1 hour exposures.

Both shutters can be activated using the shutter release button on the digital back shooting screen, the blue XT shutter release button on the camera itself, or using an external shutter release from Hahnel or Phase One. Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture settings are controlled through the IQ4 shooting menu, and also using the IQ4 silver buttons while Live View is active. This means no adjustment of exposure settings on the lens, no cocking and re-cocking, all we need to do is focus.

Phase One sets the standard for image quality in full frame medium format, and combining the quality of the IQ4 with these Rodenstock optics results in break taking images that are second to none.

Introducing the phase one xt

Metadata Storage of X/Y movements

The XT has 12mm +/- shift on the X and Y axes, and the integration of the XT and the IQ4 means that shift position of the camera is now embedded within the image data. This information is displayed within Live Preview and the Capture Screen on the IQ4, which provides immediate feedback of the X and Y movements. The information is also available in the Lens Tool Tab in Capture One for later use, meaning greater precision when capturing and when processing your images.

This is a huge benefit when applying Lens Cast Calibration files, and this integration is all part of an intelligent and hassle-free user experience. No doubt, with the Infinity Platform and the Capture One Inside this seamlessness will be developed.

Introducing the phase one xt

Frame Averaging, Bracketing and Time-Lapse within the IQ4

With the brains of the IQ4 Infinity Platform, the XT Camera System is built to expand and evolve, supporting a future of limitless potential.

We saw the introduction of Frame Averaging with the IQ4 Creative Control update, and within the XT IQ4 system, we now have the possibility to use the XF Bracketing and Time-Lapse tools within the XT IQ4 system. From the home menu simply swipe into the tools, select, set your parameters and shoot.

Frame Averaging is an incredible powerful and significant tool, and if this is level of development we are going to see within the IQ4, we have a very exciting future ahead.

Introducing the phase one xt

Live Preview Exposure Adjustments

Until this point, when composing and reviewing exposure we had to exit Live View, return to the shooting screen, make our exposure adjustments, return to Live View and assess the exposure from there. With the latest firmware, we can now adjust out Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO through the silver buttons on the IQ4, and assess the correct metering without having to exit Live View.

In addition to the RAW and RGB histogram preview tools that were introduced into the IQ4, we now have a basic Meter which is a quick and simple reference point when making these changes. Whether handheld or on a tripod, we can smoothly compose, focus, set our desired exposure and capture from the Live Preview screen. A simple but significant change to the IQ4 system, which adds another level of seamlessness to the capture process.

Integrated ‘C-Bracket’

The XT is designed as a modular and travel-friendly camera system – both compact and elegant. Along with the 12mm +/- shift capabilities, the design of the XT also allows you to quickly rotate the camera between portrait and landscape orientation, while remaining securely mounted to a tripod via an integrated Arca Swiss-type mount.

This is a great feature which streamlines and expands the IQ4 workflow, and is comfortable and straightforward to do with one hand when needing quick rotation between vertical and horizontal orientation.

Introducing the phase one xt

The XT opens up extraordinary new possibilities as a digital field camera. It is compact, elegant and utilises the very best components on the market – handcrafted with uncompromising precision and simplicity. Phase One has one aim with the XT and that is to allow photographers to focus solely on creating the very best images possible.

To see the full product page, with more information on pricing, visit here.

There are articles aplenty on all these features and developments, but the XT is best understood in person, so keep any eye on our Training and Events page for an upcoming Showcase when you can see it for yourself.

If you have any questions at all, or wish to arrange a one-to-one introduction to the XT, make contact and we will be happy to arrange.

Want to see sample images? Contact us here.

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