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Seitz Roundshot VR Drive

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive

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Roundshot VR Drive with Quality Mode.

Please specify which camera you are shooting with, so we can quote for the appropriate cable.

As we purchase Seitz in Euros, please call for latest pricing.


The Roundshot VR Drive is the world’s most advanced automated stitching head.

  • Compatible with any digital camera with release cable
  • Cylindrical or spherical panoramas, time-lapse, video, object movies, HDR
  • Touch screen technology for easy control with optional wifi
  • Automatic image grouping/xml ideal for large projects
  • ldeal for virtual tours, spherical photography, gigapixel photography, 32-bit HDR (CGl), video (timelapse)
Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Feature Overview:
* Fully or semi motorised
* Compatible with any digital camera with release cable
* Cylindrical or spherical panoramas, multi-row,time-lapse, video, object movies, HDR
* Ergonomic touch screen technology for easy control
* Fully integrated workflow from image capture to stitching software
* Modular build allowing combination of third party products
* ldeal for virtual tours, spherical photography, gigapixel photography, 32-bit HDR (CGl), video, timelapse
The Roundshot VR Drive – built to make your life easier! Explore the unlimited VR Drive possibilites! No other automated VR head is as universal and versatile than the Roundshot VR Drive.
VR Drive equipment options:


* VR Drive full (a) * semi (b) * video (c) * turntable (d) * linear (e) * HDR (f)
Key Highlights
* 0 to 360° in 6 seconds! Very fast rotation speed possible
* Touch screen control – access all features at the tip of your finger
* Extensive camera compatibility – currently over 170 compatible cameras
* Long battery life – one charge lasts under normal working conditions for one week
* Heavy loads possible – super strong motors can lift up to 20 kg of weight.
VR Drive software options
* quality mode – stops and releases for every capture position
* speed mode – initiates non-stop rotation and release of the camera for moving scenes
* turntable mode – captures images of a rotating object on a small or large turntable for object movies
* timelapse mode – releases a series of images which are composed into a timelapse movie – 360° or linear
* video mode – performs automated video sweeps in horizontal and vertical direction
* HDR mode – creates a series of bracketed images with unlimited bracketing steps for 32-bit HDRs


Key Highlights
* Program Wizard – guides user for easy set-up of new programs, deleting, copying or moving them
* Image calculator – computes required rows (elevation + images) for a new cylindrical or spherical panorama
* Programming possibilities – virtually no limits for personalising the VR Drive parameters
* Language support – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese
* Club VR Drive – enables free downloads of new VR Drive software releases anytime & anywhere
* Upgrade of software modes – makes it possible to add new software modes anytime after purchase
* Camera database – supports a large variety of cameras which can be added to a personal (favourites list)
* xml file – defines every image position very accurately for easier stitching
* VR Drive AutoPano plug-in – 32-bit HDR stitching and mixing with true light rendering made easy
* Program back-up – exports all program settings for back-up as a Seitz xml file


Learn more about the Seitz VR Drive

Download the VR Drive Product Guide PDF to configure your VR Drive
Call us on 0207-323-6455 or email info@teamworkphoto.com to discuss your VR Drive requirements or to book a demo.




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Roundshot VR Drive Full (Fully Motorised X and Y), Roundshot VR Drive Semi (Semi Motorised X Only), Roundshot VR Drive Turntable (for Object Movies)


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