Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Metric

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Sharp, clear, rich HDR spheres at outstanding speed.

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Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Metric


Sharp, clear, rich HDR spheres at outstanding speed.

  • Fully automatic image capture and HDR rendering of 194 million pixel 180×360° panorama
  • Professional DSLR camera calibrated with VR Drive for perfect alignment and precision
  • High resolution 32-bit HDR output file in under 5 minutes!
  • High resolution HDR spherical output for virtual tours, computer-generated imaging (CGI) or forensic applications
  • Add-on software enabling accurate 3D measurement + CAD tools
  • Highly productive, fully automated system
  • Compact, lightweight, reliable and affordable!

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Metric Hardware

Out of the case, on the tripod, go! The VR holder has been conceived specifically for one camera. Centring the camera and nodal point adjustments are history.

Fully automated image capture

Select the program (with or without HDR) and press start. Leave the rest to the machine. The VR Drive Metric programs can be customized and are locked to ensure that operating the VR Drive is easy and completely worry-free.

Built to last

True to its reputation, the Roundshot VR Drive Metric is built with finest materials – made in Switzerland. All parts are machined from aluminum and withstand tough climatic challenges.

Compact and lightweight with many hours of battery life

Seitz built the VR Drive Metric for those VR professionals who are constantly on the move. With its limited weight and compact dimensions it fits into a small case (41 x 33 x 23 cm / 16 x 13 x 9 inches) and can be taken virtually anywhere. The camera and VR Drive batteries are connected to each other, enabling enhanced battery life and simple charging.

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Metric Software

Seitz have designed the VR Drive Metric + FOVEX software for maximum ease of use, processing speed and precision.

Seitz VR Drive Metric capture software is built on the success of our VR Drive product and has been adapted in the following ways:

  • simplified user interface with program selection and start/stop/pause/resume button
  • possibility to add many customised, password-protected programs (enabling various bracketing options or exposure variation strategies)
  • fully automated exposure control through VR Drive with external light meter

Controlling the VR Drive Metric is very simple through its ergonomic touch screen or with remote control – with a smart phone or computer device connected via wifi.

Create high resolution spheres in no time with the FOVEX PanoMaker stitching software.

Thanks to this advanced stitching software the high resolution HDR panorama is stitched and rendered in under 3 minutes.

When receiving the images, the software automatically groups them into projects and batch processes all panoramas. No need for post-production or manual intervention – the panoramas are perfectly stitched with sub-pixel accuracy.

The resulting high resolution 180×360° spheres feature an impressive quality.

With 9,856 x 19,712 pixels the rendered panoramas have an impressive resolution of 194 million pixels. Instead of a fisheye lens the VR Drive Metric system uses a high quality wide-angle lens with best optical qualities.

Thanks to the excellent lens and to the consistent workflow, the resulting images are very clear and sharp.

For the first time a panorama stitching software exploits the benefits of system calibration contained in the state-of-the-art FOVEX software.

This process guarantees stitching of individual images at sub-pixel accuracy.

The result? Perfect geometry for downstream stitching and processing, allowing a much enhanced accuracy.

This is how the high resolution sphere can be used as input material as well as backplate imagery for computer-generated imaging (CGI), for high precision forensic applications and – ultimately – for 3D measurement.

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Metric Remote Control

Plug + play. Control all VR Drive Metric features remotely by wireless connection.

With its wireless remote control the VR Drive transmits its screen content to any mobile device or computer equipped with wifi. This is ideal to control VR Drive program sequences remotely, but can also be used to create new programs or to edit the settings of a program.

On a smart phone, a tablet, on a laptop or even on a large computer screen: controlling the VR Drive via wifi is a very practical feature. Especially when having the VR Drive installed on top of a mast or some other inaccessible location, the VR Drive remote control allows projects which would otherwise not be possible.

Connect the wireless router into the VR Drive ethernet socket, assign a fixed IP to the VR Drive and the connecting device and connect to the wireless router. Alternatively, it is also possible to use an ethernet cable to create the access between VR Drive and computer device. It’s very simple.

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