Phase One iXR Camera

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The Phase One iXR is a fully integrated, robust digital camera system enabling a highly productive solution for digitisation, fine art reproduction and diverse industrial applications. (Body Only)

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Phase One iXR Camera
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(Body Only)

The Phase One iXR is a fully integrated, robust digital camera system enabling a highly productive solution for digitisation, fine art reproduction and diverse industrial applications.
Using input from leading reproduction experts, the iXR was built from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of the reproduction photographer and was designed to streamline workflow by enabling you to take full control of the entire process. The iXR’s impressive combination of outstanding image quality, high productivity and rugged engineering makes it the perfect camera system for getting your work done on time and on budget.

iXR Image Quality

Designed for full compatibility with Phase One’s legendary medium format product line, the iXR delivers the clean, detailed image quality that only high resolution, medium format systems can produce. The combination of IQ digital backs, Schneider-Kreuznach leaf shutter and Phase One focal plane lenses guarantees image quality that is second to none.
  • Dynamic Range – 12.5 f-stops is standard in Phase One IQ digital backs, which are available in 40 MP, 60 MP and 80 MP resolutions.
  • Ultimate Image Sharpness – Phase One’s extensive array of lenses, including Schneider-Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses.
  • Excellent Color And Detail – Advanced algorithms provided by Phase One’s Capture One workflow software and DALSA CCD sensors and ensure faithful reproduction of what the human eye sees.
  • The DALSA Sensor Advantage – Phase One IQ digital backs are built around cutting-edge DALSA CCD sensors. Through years of collaboration we have developed a strong partnership that has helped to produce the high-caliber sensors found in the IQ digital backs.

Phase One IQ Digital Backs

The iXR Camera System is fully integrated with Phase One’s leading IQ series digital backs. A high dynamic range on the 80, 60 and 40 megapixel backs produce images with fine tonal gradations and details. The 80 and 60 megapixel backs have a 4 to 3 aspect ratio when shooting at a 645 full frame size, ensuring the best coverage with your lenses. The high resolution gives you maximum versatility with your images, ensuring top quality and usability, even when you work with cropped images.

iXR Productivity – Tailor-made for reproduction

Full-integration between the core components that make up the iXR system ensures an end-to-end workflow solution. Remote focusing and capture are made possible via seamless connectivity with Phase One’s Capture One workflow software, achieving previously unseen levels of productivity and speed.
  • Quick Lens Change – Flexible design enables quick and easy lens changes without the use of lens boards or adapters.
  • Remote Focus and Capture – Adjust focus and quickly move from Live View to capture, remotely, using your mouse or keyboard.

iXR Rugged Engineering – Built to last

The Phase One iXR body, made from tough, aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, is built without a mirror and viewfinder to present a real workhorse, heavy duty solution. The elimination of the mirror minimises vibration and reduces the number of moving parts. These measures create a rugged, robust solution with increased longevity when compared to other medium format camera solutions. The modular nature of medium format digital systems lets you easily upgrade as new technologies become available.
  • Rugged and Robust – Built to last, the Phase One iXR camera body is made from extremely durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy.
  • Industrial Connectors – Self-locking LEMO connectors make sure that cables stay securely connected while you work.
  • Constant Aperture – Lens remains at stopped-down aperture settings between shots, reducing vibration and additional wear on the lens.
  • Mirror-free System – The Phase One iXR has few moving parts to ensure minimal vibrations, longevity and easier maintenance.
  • Compact, Small Footprint – The Phase One iXR has a small footprint and includes two 3/8 inch threaded tripod head sockets to enable a secure mounting of the camera in both horizontal and vertical modes.

Lens compatibility

The Phase One iXR body is compatible with all the following lenses:
  • Phase One digital focal plane lenses
  • Mamiya digital focal plane lenses
  • Schneider Kreuznach 645 leaf shutter lenses
NB : Old Mamiya 645 AF lenses will function, but quality will be lens than that of the above mentioned lenses.

Suggested Lenses for iXR Reprographic Camera

Phase One Auto Focus 120mm f4 lens

The Phase One Auto Focus 120mm lens is ideally suited to reproduction work. It is an amazingly sharp flat field lens maintaining square and proportionate relationships even at the edges and corners.


  • Extreme optical performance
  • Maximum Magnification Ration : 1.00x
  • Focus limit switch to help avoid focus hunting
  • Aperture: f4 – f32
  • Angle of view: 32°
  • Minimum focus distance: 37cm
  • Filter size: 72mm

Schneider Kreuznach LS AF 80mm f2.8 lens (leaf shutter)

This is the standard focal length lens with the most versatility. Flash sync up to 1/1600th of a second. A preferred choice for on location fashion photographers using fill in flash.


  • Fast aperture, shallow depth of field.
  • Extreme optical performance
  • Easily balance daylight and flash
  • Aperture: f2.8 – f22
  • Angle of view: 47°
  • Minimum focus distance: 70cm
  • Filter size: 67mm

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