Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist Training Program

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The next Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist (POCHS) Training is in London at the British Library on the TBC 2023.

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Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist Training Program


Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist Training Program

Become a Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist. The Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist program is designed to help institutions, photographers and archivists produce higher quality images, work more efficiently, and establish workflow and practices which can be easily standardised.

The Phase One Cultural Heritage Specialist training program is an advanced seminar designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Phase One system and CH software application.

What is covered during training?

The two day course is structured and path begins with understanding the hardware, walking through the workflow, and finally reinforcing the theory and technique behind CH photography.

A few specific topics include:

  • Advanced Colour Management in Capture One
  • Capture One CH exclusive tools book capture & Auto Crop
  • Film “Scanning” with Capture One
  • Reliable tethering and operation
  • Utilising the IQ Electronic Shutter
  • Start to finish setup and workflow for high volume capture
  • The iXG Repro camera system & it’s automation features
  • There will also be a discussion covering Multispectral Narrow Band imaging using the Phase One IQ3 100 Achromatic.
  • A non-invasive spectral characterisation of objects, media, inks, and colorants, revealing artefacts that are not visible to the eye in natural light.

Course details

POCHS Training involves an introduction to online tutorials which ensure that candidates have a good understanding over a two-day period comprising of both lectures, demonstration, practical tasks & theory. Following day two, an online exam will be made available. Students receive a comprehensive setup and troubleshooting guide, example practice images, and a three month trial of Capture One CH (this needs to be confirmed).


TBC 2023


British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB.


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