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Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass IRND Neutral Density Filter

Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass IRND Neutral Density Filter

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The 100mm ProGlass IRND Filter range set new standards in glass ND filters.

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Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass IRND Neutral Density Filter

The Lee Filters ProGlass IRND filter range for photographic users was introduced in 2017, a range of 6 of the highest quality and most neutral ND filters currently available.

A 50 year celebration of their expertise in filters and lighting gels.

Lee Filters began life making filters in 1967 for the film and television industry and their rigorous and demanding standards continue more than 50 years later when they introduced the Lee ProGlass Cine IRND filters. Created for the industry to meet the exacting requirements of the film world’s leading cinematographers, the cine versions of ProGlass filters have been used on a number of major feature films and TV dramas. They are widely acknowledged as being the highest-quality neutral-density filters available today.

So, what makes them so special? Firstly, and most importantly, they are truly neutral. As a result, colour casts are a problem of the past. And, because they block both ultraviolet and infrared pollution, images are crisp and punchy, and above all, accurate.

Photographers who have used filters like the Lee Big Stopper will be aware that it can exhibit a blue colour cast at lengthy exposures. Whilst it can be filtered out in post processing, but it’s not ideal and it can also show signs of vignetting. Part of this is because the filter is created by dyeing the molten glass.

The Lee ProGlass IRND has none of these characteristics and is both neutral and has no issues with shading. The filters are manufactured using a metallic coating that is deposited on the surface of the glass, ensuring evenness and uniformity.

Colours remain accurate and vibrant. The exposure values on the filters are also exact. Crucial is calculating exposures accurately.

The Lee ProGlass IRND is available for the Lee Seven5, Lee 85, Lee 100 and Lee SW150 systems. The SW150 is a 150 x 150mm filter. It’s made from 2mm tempered glass.

Available as

ND0.6 ( 2 Stops )

ND0.9 ( 3 Stops )

ND1.2 ( 4 Stops )

ND1.8 ( 6 Stops )

ND3.0 ( 10 Stops )

ND4.5 ( 15 Stops )


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