Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated UV Protection Filter, 37-105mm

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The Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated UV Protection Filter. Heliopan’s remarkable 8 Layer Multicoating uses metallic oxide coatings and enhances anti-reflection capabilities but also protects the glass with it’s hard scratch protective surface. Plus it’s coated on both sides of the filter!

Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated UV Protection Filter, 37-105mm
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Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated UV Protection Filter

The Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated UV Protection Filter is not only an excellent filter for visually improving images on both digital and film but it can always stay on the lens to protect it from fingerprints, dust, moisture, etc. It absorbs the short wave portion of the spectrum so in hazy conditions a better image of the scene is possible. Loss of sharpness from UV Rays and the blue tones common in infinity scenes are eliminated. No exposure correction is needed. Tip: Protect your investment and keep a Heliopan UV filter on your valuable lenses at all times.

For brilliant colour reproduction, highest contrast and sharpness Heliopan filters are THE choice for the professional photographer. When coupled with the fact that Heliopan filters are manufactured from SCHOTT glass (the same stuff used to make ZEISS optics), it is clear that the only thing that should stand between your lens and your subject is a Heliopan filter.

Established in 1949, Heliopan was founded by Mr.Martin Summer. Made in Germany, all Heliopan screw-in filters come in high quality anodised slim brass mounts which virtually eliminate binding. Heliopan also manufacture a broad range of aluminium lens hoods in both Short and Long versions as well as a range of rubber lens hoods. An uncompromising attention to detail and quality has resulted in outstanding filters for Film, Movie and Video users.

  • Available in 37mm to 105mm and Bayonet sizes
  • SH-PMC coatings of 8 layers per side for the highest reflection reduction (below 0.2%)
  • Dust and moisture repellent top coating on each side of SH-PMC filters for easy cleaning and long life
  • Ultra-Slim filter rims
  • Made in Germany
  • Brilliant Colour Reproduction and High Sharpness
  • The highest quality optical glass from the German Schott Group
  • The longest life expectancy thanks to brass filter rims
  • Minimal reflections because of matte black filter rings
  • At least one high quality hard coating on each filter side




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