Kodak Portra 160 5×4 (10 Sheet)

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Kodak Portra 160 features a significantly finer grain structure for improved scanning and enlargement capability.

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Kodak Portra 160 5×4 (10 Sheet)
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Kodak Portra 160 5×4 (10 Sheet)

Kodak Portra 160 5×4″ (10 sheets) is an ISO 160 daylight balanced professional colour negative sheet film with medium contrast and low saturation, optimised to give exceptionally accurate skin tones. It also has a very fine T-grain structure with excellent edge sharpness which makes it well suited for scanning. These characteristics make it popular for portrait, social and wedding photography, as well as more general uses.


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Weight 499 g


Film Type

Colour Negative

Film Size

5×4 Film