LEE Filters 100mm ProGlass IRND Neutral Density Filter

£150.00 (£180.00 inc. VAT)

High quality 3 stop neutral density standard glass filter. Reduces the exposure equally across the frame and blocks both infrared and ultraviolet pollution, ensuring colours are crisp, punchy and vibrant.

LEE Filters 100mm ProGlass IRND Neutral Density Filter


Two years in the making, the Lee 100mm ProGlass IRND Filter range sets a whole new standard in high quality glass neutral-density filters. Originally developed for the movie industry to meet the exacting requirements of the film world’s leading cinematographers, the cine versions of ProGlass filters have been used on a number of major feature films and TV dramas. They are widely acknowledged as being the highest-quality neutral-density filters available today.

So, what makes them so special? Firstly, and most importantly, they are truly neutral. As a result, colour casts are a problem of the past. And, because they block both ultraviolet and infrared pollution, images are crisp and punchy, and above all, accurate.


Manufactured from 2mm-thick glass, Available in 0.6ND (two-stop), 0.9ND (three-stop), 1.2ND (four-stop), 1.8ND (six-stop), 3ND (10-stop) and 4.5ND (15-stop) versions. Covers photographers’ every need, from subtle alterations, right up to ultra-long exposures.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Filter Series/System

LEE 100mm

Filter Size

100x100mm – LEE 100mm System

Filter Density

0.6 (2 Stops), 0.9 (3 Stops), 1.2 (4 Stops), 1.8 (6 Stops), 3.0 (10 Stops), 4.5 (15 Stops)

Filter Material