Heliopan SH-PMC (Multi Coated) Linear Polarising Filter, 39-105mm

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Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated Linear Polarising Filter. Increases contrast and colour saturation in colour photographer. Equally useful for reducing reflections. Available in Standard and Slim types.

Not suitable for AF or Digital cameras

Heliopan SH-PMC (Multi Coated) Linear Polarising Filter, 39-105mm
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Heliopan SH-PMC Multi Coated Linear Polarising Filter.

The Linear Polariser is not suitable for use with Digital or AF cameras, use a Circular Polariser instead.

Heliopan’s remarkable 8 Layer Multi-coating uses metallic oxide coatings and enhances anti-reflection capabilities. It also protects the glass with it’s hard scratch protective surface. Plus it’s coated on both sides of the filter!

Both AF and Digital cameras meter and focus using a sub-mirror to direct light to the focus sensor and metering. This results in the light being partially polarised. Besides the polariser foil, a additional 1/4 wave plate is also added to give correct results. So both AF and exposure are correctly calculated. A circular polariser is also required for some older manual focus film cameras, like the Olympus OM-3 and OM-4 series, Nikon F3, Pentax LX etc.

So why use a Linear polariser? Well it’s because it can give a deeper contrast compared to a cir-polariser filter. So richer and more intense blues in landscapes and seascapes. A linear polariser could still be used on a AF or Digital camera, but only in manual focus and by adjusting the exposure 2-3 stops to account for the degree of polarisation.

Polarising Filters reduce reflections and glare. The Heliopan Polariser improves the colour of the sky, (in distant pictures, mountain scenes, etc). It reduces the bluish cast in landscapes and increases the blue colour of the sky. The effect is strongest at a 90° angle to the sun. In addition polarisers enhance the colour saturation of the scene by suppressing the reflections on the surface, undesired reflections are largely eliminated.

For brilliant color reproduction, highest contrast and sharpness Heliopan filters are THE choice for the professional photographer. When coupled with the fact that Heliopan filters are manufactured from SCHOTT glass (the same stuff used to make ZEISS optics), it is clear that the only thing that should stand between your lens and your subject is a Heliopan filter.

Made in Germany, all Heliopan screw-in filters come in high quality anodised brass mounts which virtually eliminate binding.

Heliopan Linear-Polarising is available in Standard and Slim versions. Not all filter sizes are available as Slim type.

Slim type has no front filter thread so a lens hood or lens cap cannot be used but is about 1.5mm to 2mm thinner.



  • Available in 37mm to 105mm sizes
  • Rims are number calibrated for ease of setting
  • SH-PMC coatings of 8 layers per side for the highest reflection reduction (below 0.2%)
  • Dust and moisture repellent top coating on each side of SH-PMC filters for easy cleaning and long life
  • Made in Germany
  • Brilliant Colour Reproduction and High Sharpness
  • The highest quality optical glass from the German Schott Group
  • The longest life expectancy thanks to brass filter rims
  • Minimal reflections because of matte black filter rings




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