Arca Swiss Pico Bellow

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Crafted from leather, Pico bellows feature a three-pleat design, enhancing their longevity and performance. A magnetic connection system allows for swift and secure attachment to the front and rear frames of the Pico camera.

Arca Swiss Pico Bellow
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Available in two versions, these high-quality leather bellows are integral components of the Pico view camera system for mirrorless cameras and digital backs. Their practical three-pleat design ensures both durability and optimal functionality, while the magnetic connection system enables quick and secure attachment to the Pico’s front and rear frames.

  • Covers the full extension of both the short and long-focusing rail
  • Three pleat design
  • Magnetic connection, front and rear
  • Made of leather
  • For Pico view camera only

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Pico Bellow Mirorless, Pico Bellow Digital Back